Part One.

We know we can build a life by ourselves, and we work hard to do that, but deep inside each of us is that desire to have someone that stands beside us, no matter what. We know we need a steadying influence, a sympathetic ear, or an understanding counselor, and we can’t truly be these things to ourselves.

And plus, everyone loves a love story.

Judge Rachel and Dr. Dorsha have traversed two very different life journeys and it often amazes people when they tell the story of how they met, but even more so, the missed opportunities to meet over the last 20 years.

Judge Rachel and Dr. Dorsha are both successful women in their own right and each of them have traveled paths that were laid out for them early on in their childhood.

Judge Rachel knew from a very early age that she wanted to be someone who was dedicated to fairness and the righting of wrongs, but after being diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at the age of 13, she briefly considered changing directions and going to medical school to become an endocrinologist. She tells the story of being introduced to law after coming home from school discussing with her mother the fact that her classmate received a demerit that she clearly didn’t deserve. She was adamant that the teacher should have listened to both sides, that the decision she made was not fair, and was clearly upset that justice was not served for Little Suzy. (Names have been changed to the protect the innocent.) Judge Rachel was introduced to her first love when her mother told her that a judge is the person that listens to both sides of the story and makes a decision based on the facts. She has since dedicated her life’s mission to the prevention, restoration and rehabilitation of those in her community and throughout Nashville and Davidson County abiding by the mantra that “Justice does not stop at the courthouse steps”. Fast forward to the 2015 Iroquois Steeplechase, she had no idea that she was meeting her future wife, Dr. Dorsha… (more on that in a separate blog ☺).

Dr. Dorsha also valued fairness and equality beginning in her early childhood, and has been known as “Correcto” by family members for her practice of relentlessly researching opinions and statements making sure that what is being said is indeed correct. She used her ability to debate at an early age and decided early on that she would pursue law. However, after her grandmother became gravely ill and she was responsible for playing an integral part in her recovery, she began to rethink her career choice. She instead shifted gears to focus on becoming a doctor, allowing her to extend her natural compassion to people who are hurt, sick, or dying.

Both of these women have placed their lives and purpose at the service of our community, to help make other lives better and to heal hurts and wrongs. In each other, they have found companionship and love along this journey.

Standing together with a common love for people and with compassion for those who are struggling or mistreated, they uplift and strengthen each other through their love and care for each other. This love extends to everyone they meet and if you ever sit down and talk with them, the first thing that they will say is that they have met the mate for their soul.
A soul is made up of the mind, will, and emotions of an individual, and to find a “soulmate” is to find someone who truly understands and partners with another in those areas of our personality. A soulmate is going in the same direction, respects the thoughts and dreams of their partner, and is well-matched emotionally to that person. Judge Rachel and Dr. Dorsha have found this partnership in one another, and their story is a continual work in progress…
Love always wins!

The i am . . . just human movement was started in May 2017 by Judge Rachel and Dr. Dorsha to provoke people to step away from the labels used to define individuals. This movement encourages people to build relationships on the foundation of unconditional love.

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