“After we put our labels & differences aside, the one thing we have in common is that we are . . . just human.”

So, we go out a lot. Mostly because we are two busy professionals who really don’t have the time to cook at home. ☺ In doing so, we spend a lot of time getting to know people that we come across on a daily basis. Part of it is stems from what we do for a living, but another part is that we are always interested in hearing other people’s life’s journeys and stories. We are always amazed that a simple “How has your shift been going?” can lead to a lengthy, in-depth, and sometimes emotional, conversation with a complete stranger.

For the last year we have been talking to people about the i am . . . just human. movement, mostly because of the current political atmosphere and tensions that we are all experiencing on a daily basis. We hear people say all the time, but “I am colorblind” to try to illustrate their acceptance of all ethnicities and races when we live in a world as magnificently hued as a kaleidoscope. Or some say “I am not political” because they are afraid that their OWN opinion will be the subject of scrutiny and backlash from someone who takes their statement out of context or just doesn’t take the time to see things from a different perspective. You have others who are afraid to express their religious beliefs for the fear that they will be discriminated against or encouraged to abandon what has been their solace in the time of need. We began to soon realize, however, that each person inevitably had the same basic desires: education, shelter, food, healthcare, happiness, justice, peace and love; that after we put all of our labels and differences aside, the one thing that we all have in common is that we are…just human.

How many times have you heard or used the phrase “I’m sorry, but I’m just human” when acknowledging a mistake or misstep? In this society of superhuman expectations, have you ever stopped to think what that phrase really means? Some believe that it’s just a cop out for doing what you want, others look at it as overused and insincere. So, close your eyes and take one minute and repeat to yourself “i am . . . just human.” Let it explore the depths of your consciousness and just think on it for a while. “i am . . . just human. I live, I breathe, I make bad decisions, I am compassionate, I hurt people, I work hard for my family, I am a bully, I eat too much, I give to those in need, I hate, I am dependable, I love, and I’m not perfect.”

It becomes clear that the one thing that we all have in common is our humanity, and the fact that NO ONE is perfect and that we are truly one people. We are birthed the same and we will all leave Earth the same. Once we do this, there will be a collective sigh of relief in knowing that we are all just human and then we will have the opportunity to simply rejoice in our humanity.

We have decided to invite you to join us in becoming a light in the darkness. Where there is hatred, together we will stand for love. Where there is abuse, we will stand for respect and kindness. When someone is judged and maligned for their beliefs, we will be voices of understanding and acceptance. We have made the decision to stand up against the division and violence that the world is experiencing today.

Let’s start the conversation and find common ground. Let’s collectively step away from labels used to define us and instead choose to see everyone as living under the unifying banner of humanity.

Now say to yourself “i am . . . just human!” and then say to your neighbor, “And so are you! Let’s be lights in the darkness together!”

The i am . . . just human movement was started in May 2017 by Judge Rachel and Dr. Dorsha to provoke people to step away from the labels used to define individuals. This movement encourages people to build relationships on the foundation of unconditional love.

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