In 2004, two Nashville women founded Mending Hearts, Inc. with the vision to provide healing, hope, and shelter to women struggling with homelessness and other issues due to addiction. Both Katrina and Charlotte Frierson have been there in their lives, and they both overcame their challenges in these areas and felt led to help others find a way out.


Mending Hearts, located in West Nashville, is home to approximately 90 women at any given time. It is a residential therapeutic community focused on addressing residents’ addiction and all the consequent problems and issues that arise from this illness. Many of the resident women are uninsured and face huge obstacles when it comes to finding housing and employment as well as recovery.


Anyone struggling with addiction is going to experience co-occurring disorders, such as mental and/or emotional imbalances and damage and will most likely need professional help on an ongoing basis, which is almost impossible to obtain for someone without health insurance or employment. That’s where Mending Hearts comes in.


Their services include:


  • Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program (IOP): This program focuses on the needs of each client using individual and group therapy, family seminars, and educational lectures to bring the client to a place where they can go back into society and live a healthier life.
  • Peer Support Community with Transitional Housing: Provides safe and secure living arrangements where each experienced resident is committed to being a role model for the newer residents.
  • Social Setting Detox: Provides treatment for co-occurring disorders and focuses on stabilization.
  • And more!


Mending Hearts, Inc. is saving lives every day, and you can help. Whether you give monthly or offer a one-time donation, it is greatly appreciated! The organization has many ways you can help them in their cause, from providing daily basic needs for the women residents to giving scholarships, and even providing support for those women who have children. Visit their website: Mending Hearts, Inc.


Katrina and Charlotte say thank you for helping them to mend hearts and lives.


The i am . . . just human movement was started in May 2017 by Judge Rachel and Dr. Dorsha to provoke people to step away from the labels used to define individuals.  This movement encourages people to build relationships on the foundation of unconditional love.

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